RIBI Young Photographer 2012

Every year Navan Rotary in conjunction with Rotary International organizes a Young Photographer Competition. This competition is open to young people who are entered according to their age as follows.:

There are three age categories, with ages taken on 31st August 2011

JUNIOR: Aged 7 – 10 years (Date of Birth 01/09/2000 – 31/08/2004)

INTERMEDIATE: Aged 11 – 13 years (Date of Birth 01/09/1997 – 31/08/2000)

SENIOR: Aged 14 – 17 years. (Date of Birth 01/09/1993 – 31/08/1997)

The competition is open to anyone who has attained 15 years and will be less than 18 years on 1st March 2012.

This competition is to encourage young people to:

· Experiment with photography · Use either digital or traditional methods of photography · Show interpretation of a given topic · Express their ideas through the medium of photography.

All entries must be accompanied by an official entry form as well as details of the photographs. These forms are included with these rules or are downloadable from the RIBI website www.ribi.org

The theme for this year’s competition is “Olympic Dreams” or “Olympic Spirit”

This year’s competition takes place in January 2012

For more details email seanandkay@eircom.net

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