Rotary Club of Navan has re-invented Santa Claus !!

Could this be the new TRENDY, SLIM, YOUNGER, GOOD-LOOKING , HEALTHIER Santa of the future - seen in Navan Shopping Centre several times this week.

This may not be the traditional image of Santa Claus, but maybe it should be, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The public health experts conducting the study report that Santa’s history of bad behavior is catching up with him. Supposedly, Santa is promoting obesity, speeding, and drinking and, therefore, damaging millions of young lives. Instead, the authors suggest, Santa should be used to promote healthy lifestyle choices. They go so far as to suggest that Santa give up the biscuits in favor of his reindeer’s vegetables, and forgo the sleigh for a bike or a good pair of running shoes. If he keeps his sleigh, Santa definitely needs to give up the brandy, the authors claim, as this makes Santa the poster child for drunk-driving accidents just waiting to happen. Plus, he needs to wear a helmet and a seatbelt. And, slow down. (Santa has to travels at millions of times a safe speed limit to make all his stops on time.)

Story by: J. Carney


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