Winner of Navan Rotary Club Youth Leadership Development Competition 2017

The Rotary Club of Navan are once again very pleased to announce the very successful running of their Youth Leadership Development Competition. This is a competition that is designed to help prepare young people for their future career. This years overall winner was Eleanor Murchan.

Eleanors own reflections on the competition were as follows:

1. I am attending Loreto Secondary School St Michaels, Navan and am in fifth year after completing transition year.

2. I have never had a job interview before.

3. I think the competition is a brilliant initiative for young people to showcase their interests in politics and current affairs, become more aware of the defining characteristics of a good leader and reflect on their own experiences with leadership throughout their lives. It was extremely useful in preparation for the inevitability of having an interview in the near future and act as something to motivate me to keep up to date on current affairs, in particular the notable events in Europe.

4. The experience was an extremely worthwhile one that gave me an insight into how an interview operates and knowledge on how to present myself in an interview which is invaluable. I also learned a great deal about Europe, the Rotary club and issues of international concern in preparing for the interview which are useful for my own understanding of the world of politics and leadership.

5. There are many traits that characterise a good leader but the ones of particular importance to me are honesty and transparency, confidence, communication skills, accountability, open-mindedness and leading by example.

6. I learned a great deal about the European Union and the various governing bodies that it consists of. It was very interesting to find out the functions and differences between the European Parliament, Council and Commission and how they all work together to achieve the basic goals of the EU.

7. I am eagerly looking forward to the next stage of the competition in the form of the final. I am enthusiastic about being able to bring forward all the knowledge I accumulated in preparation for the first stage of the competition as well as building on my understanding of the diverse topics that I may be asked about.

8. It was brilliant to learn so much about the Rotary club. I learned about how it began and has since turned into a huge success of an organisation whose main function revolves around helping people, whether it may be in the local community or worldwide. Its a truly honourable organisation full of inspirational leaders that continue to strive for justice

It was a pleasure speaking with Eleanor and it was very obvious that the Transition year made a huge difference, with maturity that brought confidence and charisma and she collected the top honour in the Rotary Club of Navan Youth Leadership Development Competition, and qualified as one of the regional finalists.

Eleanor was presented with the Tony Rowntree Memorial Shield and a cheque from the Navan Credit Union.

Story by: S.Rowe


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